The GE TVRMS2 Secondary Injection Test Set Can Test Even Old Trip Units With No Problems

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Secondary injection testing is a method of detecting faults in circuit breakers and its protective relays. It is done by disconnecting the circuit breaker from its current or voltage transformer, then sending signals to the breaker to trip it. The response of the circuit breaker is analyzed to ensure that it is still within its specified rating.

One of the most convenient 
secondary injection test sets on the market is the GE TVRMS2. This tester has the ability to conduct tests on old devices like the MicroVersaTrip Plus, Spectra RMS and EPIC/RMS-9 trip units. It can conduct function tests like a trip/no-trip test for time and over-current values, trip unit self report and verification of switch setting. You can also perform a quick test and a high current test with the GE TVRMS2. This tester can monitor trip time and pick up current during a high current injection test. 

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