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The Fluke-Hart Scientific 9140 for Calibrating Sensors and Thermocouples

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Dry block calibrators are important tools in calibrating temperature sensors and thermocouples. It consists of a heating block and a sensor to automatically shut off the heating block at a predetermined temperature. If you have equipment that needs calibration, you should consider renting a calibrator instead of hiring someone to calibrate it.

A popular dry block calibrator often used is the Fluke-Hart Scientific 9140. This calibrator features a heating well that can reach temperatures of up to 350 degrees Celsius in just 12 minutes. The aluminum block is capable of maintaining constant temperatures which allows you to calibrate equipment accurately. It also has several safety features like thermal cut-out, over-current fuses, short circuit protection and heater burn out protection to protect the user from harm. The 9140 has a LED panel to display the current temperature of the heating well. It is portable and only weighs 6 pounds which makes it ideal for field use. If you need the 9140, you should consider 
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