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The Fluke 787 Processmeter Allows Convenient Electrical Troubleshooting

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Fluke equipment is known for their multi-function and compact designs. One of Fluke’s versatile testers on the market is the Fluke 787 Processmeter. This tool integrates multimeter functions with a DC current source/loop calibrator. This allows you to shorten troubleshooting time and reduce the hassle of bulky electrical test equipment.

The 787 Processmeter features multimeter functions commonly used in electrical troubleshooting. It can measure resistance, capacitance, frequency, AC/DC current/voltage, test diodes and continuity. The DC current source function allows you to simulate current sources of up to 20 milliAmperes with auto ramp, manual step and auto step options. The test results are displayed on its clear LCD readout with up to 4000 counts. It features several safety features like input stability of up to 1000 Volts and 150 Volt overload protection with a 1000 Volts at 440 miliAmpere fuse. The safety features ensures that this tool complies with the 1000 Volt IEC 1010 Cat III electrical standards to protect the user from harm. 

Get the Fluke 787 Processmeter and make electrical troubleshooting and maintenance convenient. You can rent one from Protec Equipment Resources so you can test the features and determine if it suits your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our rental services.