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The Fluke 336 600A AC/DC Ammeter

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A clamp meter is an important tool you can use to measure the current flowing in an electrical system. This tool is used to determine if the connected load doesn’t draw the current from the electrical system too much. Current drawn beyond the power line’s capacity may cause overloading and electrical failure.

A clamp meter measures current by clamping the device in to the power line. The magnetic field is picked up by the clamp which has coils inside and generates a potential that the device uses to calculate the amount of current flowing.

A popular clamp meter commonly used by electricians and engineers is the Fluke 336 600A AC/DC Ammeter. This clamp ammeter allows you to measure alternating or direct current of up to 600 amperes and it also allows you to measure continuity in conductors. It has a back-lit LCD display that is readable even on dark places. It has a built-in system that optimizes power usage by shutting off the device when idle which maximizes the battery’s efficiency.

If you need to conduct maintenance checks on your electrical system and don’t have a reliable ammeter, you can rent the Fluke 336 clamp ammeter from Protec Equipment Resources. We can provide you with Fluke power testing tools and other high voltage test equipment. Call us for more details on our test equipment rental deals.