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The Fluke 1750 for Convenient Power Quality Analysis

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When machinery is operating erratically and there are intermittent issues in the electrical system, technicians usually check for connection and grounding problems. However, most of the time, the cause of unreliable operation of machinery is low power quality.

An electrical facility that is plagued with harmonics can cause motors to lose rotational sync, lock up or generate excessive heat which may lead to eventual failure. To correct power quality problems, the power events present in the electrical line must be measured for technicians to know the correct amount of compensation needed to suppress the harmonics. 

One of the devices used for capturing and measuring power quality events is the Fluke 1750 Analyzer. This Fluke power quality analyzer offers excellent accuracy and quick configuration. You do not need a PC to setup the device. Other features include:

  •        Threshold-free setup
  •        Cross-channel and current triggering lets you capture every power event
  •        Internal swapping of leads reduces the need for reconnecting wires when they are hooked incorrectly
  •        Wireless PDA interface lets you have a handheld readout, making it easy to conduct tests even in awkward locations

Get the Fluke 1750 from Protec today. We offer leasing and rentals to suit your needs. Call our experts today at 1-866-352-5550 for a quote.