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The Fluke 1750 Features

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Fluke 1750 is a device that gives many great features that are unavailable in other products. Here is a list of some of the features of Fluke power quality products.

  •        High standard power quality: All measurements done by the 1750 conform to the IEC61000-4-30 standards. These standards are for accurate evaluation of values such as the current, voltage, harmonics, power, and flicker etc.
  •        Reliable and fast configuration: The ARCHOS internet tablet gives a window that shows whatever your instrument is recording. This means that you can configure things really easily even if the test location is not easily accessible.
  •        Setup is threshold free: Once you have collected data with the Power Analyze Software, you don’t have to worry about any missed information that could be due to incorrect steps.
  •        Captures everything: Current triggering and cross channel capture all measurements on all channels regularly.
  •        Insightful PC software: Now you can easily analyze data of your electrical test equipment and generate automated reports using reporting tools. Auto reports are customized and standard that can be done with minimum hassles or efforts.
  •        Plug and play: The unit is easy to setup and has self identifying probes along with single lead connections.
  •        No wire reconnections required: You can internally swap channels with PC or wireless PDA if the connections are not correct.

Fluke lets you sleep peacefully, knowing the equipment is tested.