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The Features of the Vanguard DIGITMR Circuit Breaker Timer

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The response time of circuit breakers is very crucial because an electrical system can blow up in a split second. Circuit breakers should be quick enough to trip the line during an overload. However, they should also be stable enough not to be tripped by transients or line fluctuation. Regular assessment of contact response time is important to ensure proper operation of the circuit breaker.

circuit breaker timer is used to diagnose the response characteristics of the circuit breaker contacts. One of the reliable testers on the market is the Vanguard DIGITMR. This tester lets you analyze the travel time of the circuit breaker contacts. It can also monitor trip or close current of the coil and simultaneously monitor three circuit breaker poles. The DIGITMR has an RS232 port so you can attach it to a computer for data collection or control. The internal memory lets you store up to 150 test records and 99 test plans. It also has an internal thermal printer to print the test results. The DIGITMR has a simplified layout and connections, making it an easy tool to use.

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