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The Features of the AEMC 5600 DLRO

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Moisture, mechanical stress and arcing can cause bonded metals or electrical terminals to weaken. Rust and carbon deposits can form in-between the joints but may not show any physical signs of degradation. A digital low resistance ohm meter or a micro ohmmeter measures the resistance of the test sample then compares the current resistance with the baseline value. 

The AEMC 5600 micro ohmmeter can measure resistances up to 200 ohms with 6 resistance ranges. It has an output current of up to 10 amperes and is powered by a 6 volts 7Ah battery. It has a power saving feature that automatically shuts off the device when it’s idle for four minutes. Your test results can be viewed on its 7 segment LED display which makes it easy to conduct tests even in dark places. If your device suddenly touches a live wire, you don’t have to worry because it features a safety circuit that protects the input from over voltage up to 380 volts RMS.

You can rent the AEMC 5600 DLRO from Protec Equipment Resources. We also have high voltage equipment available for other testing applications. Give us a call and we’ll give you an estimate ontest equipment rental schemes.