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The Easy to Use and Portable GETVRMS2 Secondary Injection Test Kit

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Trip units play a very crucial role in an electrical system. They monitor the electrical line and activate circuit breakers to protect the electrical system in case of an electrical fault. This makes it necessary to carry out regular check ups to ensure they won’t fail unexpectedly. A secondary injection test setis a device that can help you pinpoint defects in trip units and other protective devices. This tester generates the trips signals and assess the response of the protective device.

If you are looking for a tester that can assess the condition of trip units like the MicroVersaTrip Plus, RMS-9, Power+, EPIC and MicroVersaTrip PM, check out the GE TVRMS2 Secondary Injection Test Kit. It can be powered by 6 D-cell batteries which makes it ideal for industrial and commercial diagnostics. Other features of the GE TVRMS2 include:

  •        Dual power: AC Mains and batteries
  •        Allows diagnostics without deenergizing or disconnecting the trip module from the circuit breaker
  •        Confirms switch settings on RMS-9, Power+ and Epic Trip modules
  •        Trip/no-trip testing
  •        Measures trop time and pickup current
  •        Easy to use with a menu-driven test flow

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