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The Dranetz PX5 Offers a System for Complete Power Quality Analysis

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One of the best tools for power quality analysis is the PowerXplorer5 from Dranetz. This tester has been the workhorse in power quality assessments because of its reliability, portability and great features. You might want to check out this model and see if it will meet your diagnostic needs.

The Dranetz PX5 is a sophisticated tool that offers 4 channels for voltage and 4 channels for current measurements. It has a fast transient detection system and a high sampling rate of 256 samples/cycle. These features make it sensitive and allows it to give accurate test results. It has the capability to give detailed event characterization of transients, TIM and THD up to the 63rd harmonic. The PX5 has a bright and clear touchscreen LCD. The touchscreen has the control buttons to preserve space and make it compact. This can be powered using batteries or through the mains line which makes it suitable for industrial or even field testing. 

For complete power quality analysis, consider the PowerXplorer5. Protec Equipment Resourcesoffers this analyzer for rent. Our inventory also carries other electrical test equipment to supply your needs. Contact a Protec expert today for information on how you can rent the PowerXplorer5.