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The Dranetz PX5 Analyzer Can Help in Correcting Power Line Distortion

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A lot of problems can arise if the power line is plagued with harmonics. Harmonics are often generated by non-linear loads connected to the power line. Some of the common sources are SMPS, ballasts and rectifiers. Correcting power line distortion can be difficult especially if the technician doesn’t have an idea of how much distortion and what type is present in the electrical line. That’s why technicians use power quality analyzers to measure the type, amount and frequency of distortion in the electrical line. The gathered information allows technicians to plan for an effective electrical line conditioning.

One of the most popular devices used for power quality analysis is the Dranetz PX5. This power quality recorder can measure distortion in three phase power systems. It has 8 channels, four of which are for voltage and the rest for current.  It has a high resolution sampling rate of 256 samples per cycle and can measure THD and TID up to the 63rd harmonic. You have the option to power the device using AC power of through batteries. 

The Dranetz PowerXplorer 5 can be rented from Protec. Do not hesitate to call us at 1-866-352-5550 to request for a rental quote.