The Doble F2700 Relay Test Set

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The most common problem with relays is contact degradation. This can be caused by corrosion, carbonized contacts and welded contacts. A relay test set helps simulate operating conditions and check if the relay is working within normal limits.

Relays take a lot of abuse because they interrupt large currents. The constant opening and closing of contacts causes arcs that can weld or carbonize it. Regular testing is done to prevent catastrophic damages caused by faulty relays.

A popular test set widely used in industrial settings is the Doble F2700 relay test set. It is a high performance testing tool that has a voltage output of 300 VAC. It can be configured to output one voltage and current or two voltages and currents. This test set has high accuracy and a wide current range from 0.25 amperes to 26 amperes which is suitable for all types of relays. It also has a multimode timer which allows you to measure the pickup and dropout times of relays in cycles, milliseconds or seconds.

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