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The Doble F2253 Relay Test Set, Available for Lease from Protec

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When relays switch from one position to another, the magnetic field of the relay coil collapses. This causes inductive kickback which goes back to the electrical system. This is not good because it causes the relay contacts to arc and carbonize over time. It also causes voltage transients in the electrical system which can cause damage to other equipment. Snubber circuits are often used to counteract this problem. However, the snubber circuit may fail over time and go unnoticed. This causes continuous damage to the relay contacts until the relay eventually fails.

relay test set is a tool used to find faults that are not normally detected by visual inspection. This tool simulates the operating condition of the relay. Any fault that might damage the electrical system can then be easily dedicated. It is also much safer because the relay is isolated from the main electrical line. One popular tester is the F2253 from Doble Test Equipment. It features variable frequency and phase angle outputs. With a power output of 150 VA, this tester can conduct diagnostic tests on most relays.

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