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The Complete Testing Package with HV Diagnostics HVA30 and TD30

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For completely reliable VLF and tan delta testing, you need look no further than testing equipment by HV Diagnostics. As a trusted resource to techs, electricians and engineers, this vital equipment is preferred in the laboratory and out in the field because of its lightweight and compact design. It is also easy to use and offers versatility unparalleled among test equipment rental systems.

Tan Delta Testing with TD30
The TD30 tan delta tester will easily test up to 30 kV all in a battery operated design that is compact and ready to carry wherever testing is needed. With its handy Bluetooth wireless capability, test data is easily downloaded to a PDA or laptop so that accurate analysis may be performed with the supplied software.

VLF Testing with HVA30
The tan delta bridge offers testing that complements the HVA30 VLF and DC hipot system. This model allows for cable fault detection without concern for further cable weakening. It excels at testing medium voltage cabling and also provides onboard data storage for later download and analysis. Separately, these two testers make routine testing a snap, but combined, they are powerhouses that will fast become every electrician and techs go-to tool for insulation and cable testing.

Get both of these HV Diagnostic models by contacting us today to learn more about short or long term rental program.