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The Compact High Voltage PFT-301CM 30 kiloVolt AC Hipot

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High potential testing is commonly conducted to find faults in overhead apparatus, switch gears, bus ducts, interrupters, motors and other components that need insulation reliability testing. This test is straightforward and gives a pass or fail. A high test voltage is applied to the conductor to determine if the insulation can resist the test voltage. A break or contaminant will cause an arc to form and burn the insulation. 

If you are looking for a good AC hipot tester, you might want to check out the High Voltage PFT-301CM 30 kiloVolt Hipot. It is a compact and rugged hipot that makes it suitable for field and industrial diagnostics. Some of the features of the High Voltage PFT-301CM Hipot are:

  •        Capacitive load compensation
  •        Variable output voltage
  •        Zero start and external safety locks
  •        Over current protection
  •        Ground return mode
  •        Antistatic glass windows
  •        HV on and of switch
  •        Power pushbuttons
  •        Dual range kiloVoltmeter

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