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The Compact and Portable Dranetz PX5 Power Quality Analyzer

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Switched-mode power supplies, ballasts and rectifiers are some of the sources of power line distortion. These devices draw current from the electrical line in a non-linear way. This distorts the power line waveform and harmonics at the integer of multiples of the fundamental frequency are generated. This results in poor power quality and can cause several problems.

Poor power quality has a significant impact on the operating life and efficiency of the electrical system. Equipment attached to the electrical system draws more power than needed which results to wasted power. Electronic devices may also become unstable because of electromagnetic interference generated in the power line.

To help correct this problem, engineers use power quality analyzers. These devices sort out the harmonics and other forms of distortion in the power line. This allows the engineer to calculate for the optimum compensation in the power line.

The Dranetz PX5 is one of the most popular analyzers today. It has a compact and lightweight design making it portable for field use.  It can capture harmonics up to the 63rd harmonic and give you a detailed characterization of the RMS transients and variations. It has a clear colored touchscreen and can run on batteries or AC power.

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