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The Compact and Accurate Fluke 287 Digital Multimeter

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Multimeters are one of the most important tools in any electrical facility. They are used to carry out simple tasks like measure voltage, current, resistance, temperature, frequency and capacitance. The multimeter is commonly found in workbenches and in toolboxes of technicians. If you are planning to get one, consider the Fluke 287 Multimeter.

The Fluke is a trusted brand when it comes to electrical test equipment. This brand has been a favorite of electrical technicians when it comes to reliable and accurate digital multimeters. One of their best meters is the Fluke 287 Multimeter. It is a handy tool that features a lot of measurement capabilities. Some of the features include:

  •        Maximum AC/DC voltage measurement: 1000 Volts
  •        Maximum resistance measurement: 500 MΩ
  •        Frequency range: 1 megaHertz
  •        Maximum capacitance measurement: 1000mF
  •        Conductance measuring range: 50 nS
  •        Current Measuring range Resolution AC/DC: 0.01μF
  •        Maximum current measurement: 10 Amperes
  •        Frequency measurement resolution: 0.01Hertz
  •        Capacitance range accuracy: ±(1.0 percent+5d)

If you want to try out the Fluke 287, consider renting one from Protec Equipment Resources. Renting allows you to try the features of the tool first-hand. This can help you decide if the tester meets your needs. Please call us at 1-866-352-5550 for a test equipment rental quote.