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The Benefits of the Fluke 1750

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The Fluke 1750 is a unique testing device that makes use of capture algorithm. This makes sure that every event is captured without the need for setups and blind spots that come with threshold driven equipment. A PDA is used wirelessly to team up with the recorder.  This allows setup and verification with waveform displays, phasor diagrams, and meter screens. It has built-in wireless technology that permits you to control a number of instruments from a remote location without having to use a laptop. This makes the 1750 even more flexible.

This recorder is able to detect and scale current probes and also power them up without the help of batteries. Quick and safe setups are done with single-lead voltage connections. Once power is applied to the device, it starts to record. LEDs are present to ensure that the recorder is powered up and that all signals are within range. 
Fluke power quality is high, and as such, it is the best tool to use to record and keep track of signals.

Fluke is a well-known name in the electrical industry. Electrical test equipment rental can turn out to be expensive but with us, you can rent equipment to run tests and recordings at a price that is suited to your budget.