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The Battery Powered High Current Megger MOM2 MicroOhmmeter

The constant electrical stress and thermal expansion/contraction causes conductor junctions to develop microscopic gaps. These gaps collect moisture and contaminants over time. The contaminants increase the resistance of the junction. When this happens, the current passing through the junction may not be transferred efficiently. This causes local Ohmic heating and may eventually fail if not repaired.

The Megger MOM2 MicroOhmmeter is a high powered DLRO  that can put out as much as 200 Amperes on batteries. This is made possible by its high capacitance charging capacitor. The high current output lets you measure very low resistance accurately.  It utilizes a DualGround testing method for extra safety and easier testing. The MOM2 has an internal memory that can store 190 test results. You also have the option to transfer the results to a computer through Bluetooth. This Megger meter has a lightweight and rugged construction to handle the rough conditions of field testing. Also, the batteries can last a full day without recharging. This ensures uninterrupted diagnostics throughout the day.

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