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The Basics of Current Transformers

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Current transformers are used to convert a higher current to a lower current which is safe for metering or low power circuits. Monitoring or metering circuits may malfunction if there are problems with the current transformer. It is important to check the integrity of the current transformer to prevent problems.

Protective circuits are activated by the monitoring circuits in case of an electrical line fault. If the current transformer is defective, the monitoring circuits can give a false trigger or may not trigger at all. This can cause serious problems in the electrical system and other equipment. Here are some articles by Thomas Sandri that can help you understand current transformers.

Understanding Current Transformers – Part I Introduction
 – this article talks about the basics of current transformers like where they are used, how they work and design.

Understanding Current Transformers – Part II Characteristics
 – this article discusses the characteristics that determines the accuracy of current transformers. 

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