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The Amprobe AT-3000 Can Help Find Buried Cables Fast

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Tracing buried cable installations can be difficult for many technicians. There’s a risk of damaging the cables if you try to explore the cable path through digging. This can result to delays and additional expenses on repairs. Consider investing in a cable tracer to help speed up finding buried cables and reduce reduce guess work.

The Amprobe AT-3000 Underground Cable Tracer is a handy tool that can help you find buried cables like telecommunication lines and power cables. It has the capability to detect energized or deenergized cables buried as deep as 50 feet and accurately trace cables up to 10 feet. It will work on cables buried under concrete or even soil. Its sensitivity makes it suitable for most underground cable systems. Consider adding this to your current 
cable testing equipment and save time and effort in underground cable troubleshooting.

Rent the Amprobe AT-3000 so you can evaluate if it meets your needs. Protec Equipment Resources can supply the electrical test equipment you need. Our inventory has tools from popular equipment brands like Amprobe, Doble, Megger and more. This ensures you’ll have a wide selection of tools. Contact us today and let an equipment expert discuss your rental options.