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The Agilent N5750A DC Power Supply Offers a Stable Power Source for Different Applications

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Variable power supplies are indispensable devices commonly found in work benches. They let you vary the voltage and current to an optimum level and are commonly used in troubleshooting electronic and electrical components. They let you slowly increase the output and back down if there is a sudden increase in current draw due to a component defect.

Applying a sufficiently high voltage on a shorted component can further damage the part and damage your power supply. Variable power supplies let you start on a low voltage while monitoring the current drawn by the part. One of the most power supplies you might want to check out is the Agilent N5750A DC power supply. Its switched mode power supply lets it accept voltages from voltages from 85 to 265 Volts AC. This also gives it good voltage regulation at varying loads. It has a maximum output voltage of 150 Volts at 5 Amperes. It features a 1U rack form factor for easy mounting. If you do not have the budget to get one, you should consider 
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