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The AEMC CA813 Light Meter Offers Good Spectral Response Close to the Human Eye

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Light meters are essential tools used in different applications.  They are widely used in photography and cinematography for determining if the amount of light is optimum for the shot. They are also used in reducing the amount of wasted light and maximizing the distribution of light in homes and industrial environments.

AEMC CA813 is a popular light meter which is lightweight and easy-to-use. It features silicon optical sensor with a spectral response close to the human eye. This makes it accurate and ideal for OSHA compliance in industrial and workplace settings. It has a bright back-lit LCD display which displays the results in footcandles or lux. Its measurement range for footcandle is from 20fc to 20kfc and for lux, 20lux to 200klux. Its photo sensor can be removed to allow you to measure light in hard to reach areas. If you are thinking of getting the AEMC CA813, consider 
test equipment rental to let you evaluate its features and know if it suits your needs. This way, you won’t spend a lot and get disappointed because it doesn’t meet your needs.

Protec Equipment Resources offers the AEMC CA813 for rent. Our inventory also carries electrical test equipment from various manufacturers. Contact us if you have questions about our equipment leasing service.