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The Advanced Raytech WR50-2 Winding Resistance Meter, Available for Lease from Protec

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The winding resistance of transformers can change over time because of partial shorts or poor terminal connections. If not corrected, this can lead to serious damage to the transformer and other electrical equipment.

A good addition to your 
electrical test equipment is the Raytech WR50-2 2 channel winding resistance meter. It has a resistance range of 0.05 microOhms up to 100 kiloOhms with a current output of 50 Amperes. This allows it to measure large transformers and charge windings with inductances of up to 1500 Henry. It can operate as a stand-alone module or be connected to a computer for remote capabilities. It can store unlimited test results in its internal memory. You can also print test results using its internal printer or hook it up to an external printer for more options. It has a smart emergency discharge that activates when the power fails or when you press the emergency stop button. The WR50-2 is encased in a rugged shell which makes it ideal for field testing.

Protec offers the Raytech WR50-2 2 channel windings resistance meter for lease. Get one today to check out its capabilities in real-world applications. Contact us today for more information about our test equipment rental services.