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The Advanced Features of Dranetz PX5

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The Dranetz Power Xplorer 5 features an advanced set of features that allows you to accurately assess power quality in an electrical system. Its high-speed data capture and sampling allows you to capture every power quality event. Its screen is touch enabled which eliminates the need for buttons. This reduces   clutter on the front panel interface.

The Dranetz PX5 is an 8-channel power quality analyzer that has become the workhorse in analyzing power quality. It has the capability to capture low, medium and high frequency transients through various sampling methods like adaptive, peak, rms duration and waveshape high-speed sampling. This makes this analyzer suitable for characterizing the harmonics present in unbalanced and non-sinusoidal electrical systems.


  •        Suitable for AC and DC applications
  •        Touch screen panel
  •        256 samples per cycle sampling rate
  •        Measures TID and THD up to the 63rd
  •        USB, RS232 serial and Ethernet PC communication ports
  •        Operates through batteries or AC mains
  •        High-speed transient detection
  •        4 channels for voltage and 4 channels for current
  •        Captures power events as specified by IEEE 1459 for non-sinusoidal systems

The PX5 is available for rent of for lease from Protec. Request a quote today by calling us at 1-866-352-5550.