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The ABC’s of Megger Insulation

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A megohmmeter, or simply a Megger, has more than twenty 1-kV models that you can choose from. A Megger insulation tester is essential in electronic work.  All 1-kV Megger insulation testers perform effectively and is designed to work in great precision. The modifications and additional features which distinguish one model from another in terms of usage and value make each model distinct from the rest. Choosing your insulation tester should be based on the features and specifications you need for your electronic work.

Megger, aside from the numerous 1-kV models, also has 5kV and 10kV insulation testers.  
A Megger insulation test should be done by a licensed and experienced electrician or a maintenance engineer to make sure that the test is done properly. In performing a Megger insulation test, you first need to remove the electrical power of the wire that you test.  You also need to have the necessary tools to separate the wire from the circuit. Follow the steps carefully in using a megohmmeter.

If you are looking for Megger test equipment, Protec has a wide range of equipment available for all your various needs.  Protec has Megger insulation testers of different models that would perfectly suit any electronic work.