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The 87-V Fluke Power Multimeter, Available for Rent From Protec

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Technicians and engineers know the importance of an industrial grade multimeter in carrying out electrical inspections. This tool is very versatile and can be used in most parts of the electrical system. If you are looking for a reliable tester to be a part of your toolkit, consider the Fluke 87-V True RMS multimeter.

The 87-V True RMS multimeter offers AC or DC voltages from 600 milliVolts up to 1000 Volts. Its current measurement range is from 600 microAmperes up to 10 Amperes. It can also be used to measure other electrical values like resistances from 600 Ohms to 50 megaOhms, capacitances from 10 nanoFarad to 9,999 Farad and frequencies from 199.99 Hertz to 199.99 kiloHertz. Its large back-lit LCD display offers easy readability of test results even in poorly-lit environments. This 
Fluke powermultimeter conforms to the CAT III 1000 Volts and CAT IV 600 volts standards to protect it and and you from the effects of voltage spikes.

If you are planning to invest in a Fluke multimeter, consider renting one first from Protec. This lets you evaluate the model if it suits your testing needs. We also offer other high voltage test equipment at affordable rental rate. Contact us today for a quote.