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The 247001 Meter, A Compact and Accurate Megger DLRO

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Railroads are often subjected to heat, vibration and mechanical stress. The constant abuse can deteriorate the welded joints and cause them to fail. This can be dangerous and cause serious accidents if they suddenly fail during operation. You can test the integrity of the welded joints by measuring the joint resistance. 

Joint resistance can tell you if the welded parts are starting to deteriorate. To help you measure very low resistances, you can use a microOhmmeter or a 
DLRO. This tool allows you to measure small changes in resistance of metal joints or contacts. This tool employs a double kelvin bridge to offset stray resistances that might affect the readings. If you are looking for a good tester, the Megger 247001 DLRO is one of the popular meters used in industrial applications. It can measure resistance from 0 up to 60 μΩ with an accuracy of ±25% and a resolution of 0.1 μΩ. These features make it a preferred tool for many technicians and engineers.

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