“Thanks for bringing NEW equipment….”

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You are a great technician and you want your customer to have the utmost confidence in you abilities.  Why would to take an old obsolete Doble M2 power factor set out to your customer?  You know that the new Doble M4000 power factor set makes the M2 look like a Model T but you don’t want to make the capital expenditure for a new Doble.  We constantly receive calls from customers who want the obsolete Megger Pulsar test set.  Why would you want the Pulsar when the MPRT is a much better unit that has replaced the Pulsar? You might be comfortable with the macros of the Pulsar but your customers would be more comfortable with the MPRT thinking they are getting the latest most accurate report out there. Relay Test Sets, Circuit Breaker timers, Battery Test Equipment, etc…are becoming more digital and automized every year.  Why purchase a piece of equipment that is going to be obsolete in a few years?

Once you own a piece of equipment obsolescence becomes a key factor for you.   Every year manufactures develop new and improved versions of their equipment that makes testing more efficient and their reports more accurate.  For instance did you know that Vanguard has the EZCT-2000A CT Tester that has replaced their EZCT?  Now you are able to test multi-taps on a transformer instead of testing each tap one by one; saves you time and money!

We know that your customers are not only looking at your abilities and appearance they are also looking at your equipment.  Appearance and professionalism is not just a clean truck and uniform these days.  You would not go out to your customer with a dirty uniform and setup a desktop computer at the jobsite.  Why would you go to a job site with old dirty equipment?

Protec provides you the opportunity to have the most up to date equipment at a fraction of the cost to you.