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Tests on aeroplanes could save millions

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Simple routine electrical tests on passenger aircraft could save airlines millions of dollars, as well as enhancing operational safety. So says Megger’s David Tanner, whose remarks follow the recent grounding of hundreds of flights by American Airlines and Delta in the wake of concerns over possible wiring problems, and the $10.2 million fine imposed by the FAA on Southwest Airlines for failing to perform essential inspections for fuselage cracks.

“Megger’s MIT40X insulation tester is ideal for carrying out wiring checks on aircraft,” says Tanner, “since its test voltage can be varied from 10V to 100V. This means it can be used to perform searching tests on even the most sensitive of aircraft installations, without the risk of damage associated with using ordinary insulation testers.”

For fuselage integrity tests, Tanner proposes the use of Megger’s DLR0 micro-ohmeter. “Checking electrical continuity in the micro-ohm range is an invaluable aid to revealing defects in the metallic skin of an aircraft, as well as problems with ground straps, bonds and welds” he says, “and big benefits are that the tests are fast and easy to perform.”

Megger will be pleased to offer further information and advice on the use of its products in aircraft maintenance – simply contact Elsa Cantu at 214 330 3539.