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Testings Relay Systems Using the SMC Mentor 12 Three Phase Relay Tester

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Relay systems in substations should have the optimum setting to avoid unintentional automatic reclosing initiation, undertripping or overtripping in case of an electrical fault. Relay manufacturers have come up with various methods of calculating the k factor. If this isn’t accurate because of a component fault, the fault reach of the protective relay may be inaccurate. This is the important of regular diagnostics. This allows technicians check if the relay is still within its recommended operating limits.

The SMC Mentor 12 Three Phase Relay Test Set is a reliable diagnostic tool that helps technicians find relay faults. It allows various ways of being controlled during diagnostics. You can use its touch screen panel, a rotary switch or a mouse and keyboard. It has an onboard VGA port, USB, mouse, keyboard, LAN and RS232 ports for easy attachment of peripherals. This relay test sethas 8 logic inputs/outputs and plug and play amplifiers. The voltage, phase and current are variable to allow customized test configurations for various relay types.

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