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Testing the Relay Test Set

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A relay test set combines the latest sophisticated software with hardware to make relay testing more reliable. This testing equipment is used for checking generators, lighting arrestors, oil circuits, transformers and bushing for the slightest of electrical flaws. Factories and industrial plants with any of the above mentioned machines must perform power factor before beginning to operate these machines.

The power factor test can be performed with Doble test equipment. It works by breaking down the sample into a number of small sections. By individually analyzing each of these sections, the set can catch the exact location of electrical breakdown. This, in turn, can save both equipment and human lives.

Megger, Omicron, ISA, SMC and Doble test are the leaders in relay test sets. You can choose from single phase, three phase or six phase sets depending on the sample you want to test. These usually include variable outputs, plug & play amplifiers and integrated controls for easier use.

Protec offers a wide variety of relay test sets for long term as well as short term rental at competitive rates. All our equipment is quality checked prior to delivery and includes manuals and software (if applicable) for each of the offered sets. Call us so we can help you find the equipment you need for your project.