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Testing relays with the SMC Mentor 12 Relay Test Set

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Relays can cause serious problems if they are not working properly. Regular testing should be done to detect problems with insulation on coils, corroded or welded contacts and other possible faults. A relay test set helps simulate various operating conditions to verify if the relay is properly working.

Relays are electromechanical devices used to control large current using a smaller current. Due to its task of interrupting large currents, it is prone to contact failures. A widely used test instrument for relay testing is the SMC Mentor 12 three phase relay test set. It has a variable output of phase current and voltage with six 100VA current channels. It has a built-in touch screen panel for controls and measurement display. There are several ports available for external devices like VGA monitors, external mouse and keyboard. It also has eight logic inputs, outputs and plug and play amplifiers. It can simulate different working conditions to match the relay being tested. This makes it a complete tool for testing different types of relays.

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