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Testing Multiple Relay Types with ISA T-1000 Relay Test Set

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The secondary injection relay test set provides users with the ability to test transducers and relays to ensure safety and optimal running conditions of vital electrical equipment. The ISA T-1000 relay testing set provides some unique features quite useful in the field that provide multiple testing methods all in one single unit. 

Besides being controlled by microprocessors, the T-1000 relay tester offers high power output with onboard storage so that results can be recorded and stored in memory. Its compact lightness makes it a standard for field work, and its USB interface means that results can be downloaded to computer or laptop with ease.

When considering which relay testing model to use, it helps to know that the T-1000 is suitable for testing the following relay types:

  •        Distance relays
  •        Under or Over Voltage
  •        Directional Power
  •        Field & Tripping Relays
  •        Reverse Phase Currents
  •        Phase & Incomplete Sequences
  •        Instantaneous & Inverse Time Overcurrent
  •        Power Factors
  •        Voltage Balances
  •        Ground Detector Relays
  •        Directional Overcurrent
  •        Phase Angles
  •        Frequency & Automatic Reclosing Relays
  •        Pilot Wire Receivers
  •        Lockouts
  •        Differential Protective Relays
  •        Voltage & Power Directional

Units that offer multiple testing options means that less equipment is needed on the job site, and keeping track of testing equipment is much easier. Find out more about our short and long term rental programs for the T-1000 and other electrical test equipment by submitting your inquiry online or giving our 24 hour live support line a call at 866-352-5550.