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Testing Marvel – Doble 6150

Doble_F6150.jpgThe Doble F6150 Relay Testing System is one of the main instruments launched under the Doble relay simulation test series called the F Protection series. The Doble F6150 comes in a portable, easy to handle case, which is capable of using Global Positioning System (GPS) to coordinate with the same models of the same make located in far flung areas.

The F6150 is high precision electrical test equipment when it comes to testing relays. It comes equipped with more than 100 test configurations that can be customized by the user. At 17kg, it is the only singular-unit instrument that can do this job.

Also, it can be connected to a computer so that the configurations can be done easily. It has a front panel display that is backed by VFD (Vacuum Florescent Display) that shows current values at the time of testing. The current capacity of its power relays range from 0.5 A to 180 A, which makes it ideal for various types of electrical devices. It can be used for testing a variety of underground cable work and earth fault relays. It is efficient and cost-effective, which makes it a marvel in the world of precision instruments.

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