Testing CT Parameters with the Megger CTER-91 1000V CT Test Set

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A faulty current transformer can cause erroneous readings in metering equipment and also cause protective relays not to trip during an electrical fault. These problems can be a hassle and may result in expensive repairs. Technicians often run various diagnostic tests to determine if the ratio and other transformer parameters are within normal rating.

The Megger CTER-91 1000V CT Test Set is a lightweight and popular diagnostic tester used to test CT parameters. It can perform tests to measure polarity, ratio and saturation on single or multi-tap CT’s mounted in transformers and switchgears. It has a variable voltage with a maximum output of 1000 Volts. This Megger meter also gives you the option to freeze the measured readings. It has an integrated Voltmeter that lets you measure external voltages up to 600 Volts AC. It also features a zero-start interlock switch that reduces accidental energizing of the current transformer. This CT test set is housed in a durable molded case for extra protection.

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