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Testing Circuit Breakers with Vanguard DIGITMR Circuit Breaker Timer

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Mission-critical components like circuit breakers should be well maintained. They protect an electrical system from overloading and shorting out. A circuit breaker timer is a testing tool used to measure the responsiveness of a circuit breaker on overload conditions.

One of the best testers out there is the Vanguard DIGITMR circuit breaker timer. It has a contact input channel which can detect main and insertion-resistor contact times and measure it in cycles or in milliseconds. This tester has the ability to monitor the coil current during a tripped or a closed position and monitor three poles simultaneously. It has a slow-test feature which allows you to accurately measure the travel time of the breaker’s contacts. This tester allows you to get the results in tabular or graphical form and print it using its built-in printer. With its internal memory, you can store up to one hundred fifty test records and ninety nine test plans. It has a simple interface and connections making it easy to run tests.

The Vanguard DIGITMR circuit breaker analyzer is available for rent through Protec Equipment Resources. We also offer other high quality equipment. Give us a call if you want to learn more of our test equipment rental deals.