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Testing Circuit Breakers to Ensure it Can Protect Your Electrical Facility

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A circuit breaker can lose its function if the solenoid windings open or if there are terminal connection problems. It is essential to test the circuit breaker before it encounters an overloaded situation to ensure it will do its job properly. A faulty device can cause major damage to your electrical system if it doesn’t trip properly.

In order to prevent problems in your electrical facility, regular testing should be conducted to spot defects in the circuit breaker mechanism. A 
circuit breaker test set is one of the diagnostic tools used to test a  protective device. To test a device, the circuit breaker is disconnected from the main circuit and an overloaded condition is simulated. This allows you to test if the breaker will operate correctly and be able to protect your electrical facility in this kind of situation. Another tool used in testing circuit breakers is a DLRO. This tool lets you measure the resistance of the contacts and determine if it can conduct electricity properly within its rating. This helps you spot problems that may cause overheating of the contacts due to increased resistance.

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