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Testing Automatic Circuit Reclosers

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Protec Equipment Resources has added the Zensol GEN-6 – Recloser Control Analyzer to our rental inventory! This will assist our clients who are tasked with evaluating wear trends associated with a recloser control cabinet.

An automatic circuit recloser, as described by ANSI C37.61-1973 and IEEE Std 321-1973, is a self-controlled interrupting device which senses fault currents and proceeds through a predetermined sequence of opening and reclosing operations, followed by resetting, hold-closed or lockout.

The recloser is divided into two distinct modules:  there is the mechanical section with the contacts and there is the intelligent control cabinet that makes up the electronic section.  Time-Current Curves (TCC) programmed into the controller determines the way this intelligent fuse works.  When testing a recloser control cabinet the main goal is to evaluate wear trends (of the analog inputs) over time and thus allow the establishment of a maintenance schedule for the control cabinet, thereby enhancing operational reliability and safety.

The integrated current source of GEN-6 is capable of injecting the control cabinet with a very precise and stable programmable current with accurate control of amplitude and timing.  The data acquisition section  allows measuring and viewing the injected current along with the recording and viewing of recloser control cabinet events such as Open and Close commands generated by the recloser control cabinet in response to current injections. 

Supplied GenWin software gives the operator complete control over the design of the injected current waveform: be it the shape, the amplitude or the period. The generated waveform is displayed on screen.   GenWin also allows for the display of test points of current versus time along with the Recloser’s Time Current Curve (TCC) on the same graph, allowing for quick and easy comparison of test results with normal behavior.  More than 130 protection curves from different manufacturers (Cooper McGraw, Schweitzer, ABB, Westinghouse, etc. …) are already predefined in the software.

Whether testing circuit reclosers or circuit breakers Protec Equipment Resources is your one stop resource for all of your testing needs.  We welcome Zensol into our vast inventory of trusted industry names such as Raytech, Vanguard, AEMC, Megger and Doble.  We pride ourselves in offering our clients the right equipment … backed with our industry experience.