Test Your Device with Megger CB-845 Circuit Breaker Test Set

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Motor overload relays, circuit breakers, thermal and other over current protective devices are prone to breakdowns due to the high currents they need to interrupt. Inductive kickbacks and flash hazards are common factors that degrade these protective devices. If they become faulty, they can pose a serious hazard to the electrical system and damage other components. A circuit breaker test set is a tool that verifies the integrity of protective devices by simulating the overload conditions.

The Megger CB 845 test set is a high current test set that features lightweight, two-part design for portability. Its case is made of metal and is designed to be rugged which can withstand the harsh conditions of the field. It has solid state output circuit that doesn’t need contact maintenance. It has a current output of up to 5000 amperes which can test a 500 ampere circuit breaker easily. Its digital multi-range timer is crystal controlled that improves its accuracy. This device has a built-in protection circuit that prevents it from getting damaged by overload or short circuit.

The Megger CB-845 is available for rent from Protec. We also offer other high voltage equipment from leading manufacturers. Call us to get a quote on test equipment rental.