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Test Vacuum Interrupters and Insulators with the Adwel HVA40-10 AC Hipot

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Vacuum interrupters play a very important role in an electrical system. They protect the system from overload and prevent damage to other equipment. It is important to test their reliability because repair costs can be very expensive if they fail during operation.

The Adwel HVA40-10 is an 
AC hipot with an output voltage of 40 kiloVolts. This tester allows you to simulate operation conditions of vacuum interrupters as per ANSI/IEEE C37.61 specifications for maintenance. Its output test voltage is smoothly variable to match the test you intend to conduct. It also has several status lights to inform you the state of the tester. The HVA40-10 has a solid-state interrupter that breaks the test voltage if a breakdown occurs. Other safety features a safety “deadman” switch that requires two hands to operate and zero interlock switches to protect the user from high voltage discharge during start up. This hipot tester is also ideal for high voltage testinsulation assessment on cables, bushings, switchgears, transformers and motors. 

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