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Test Transformer and Motor Insulations with the Megger S1-1052/2 Insulation Tester

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Motors and transformers are often subjected to heat during operation. This can affect its windings and terminal connections causing it to degrade. Its insulation should be regularly checked to prevent it from prematurely failing. The Megger S1-1052/2 is a tester often used for this purpose because of its great features.

This tester features automatic calculation of polarization index, dielectric absorption ratio, dielectric discharge and insulation resistance which effectively shortens testing time. It has a variable output test voltage of 50 Volts to 1 kiloVolts adjustable at 10 Volt steps and 1 kiloVolts up to 10 kiloVolts in 25 Volt steps. This easily meets the testing needs of most transformer, motor and other insulation issues. It can measure insulation resistances from 10 kiloOhms up to 35 TerraOhms. This makes it ideal for testing low and high voltage insulators. Its internal memory gives you the option to store test results and retrieve it for future reference. It can be powered by batteries or through the mains line with a CAT IV 600 V rating for your protection.

You can rent the Megger S1-1052/2 insulation tester from Protec. You can also choose from a wide range of Megger test equipment, Vanguard test tools, Metrel test instruments and more.