Test Transducers and Relays with the ISA T1000 Relay Test Set

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The constant switching of relay contacts can cause problems after a while. The sudden opening of contacts causes a collapsing magnetic field, resulting in an inductive kickback. Inductive kickbacks can deteriorate the contacts because arcs are created and carbon deposits form. These deposits introduce resistance to the contacts and result in Ohmic heating and may lead to eventual failure. The arcs can also cause the contacts to weld to each other and may result in erratic operation of the relay.

Relays should be often tested to ensure that they are within their operating limits. A relay test set is a tool used to assess the condition of relays and determine if they are still fit for operation. A tester you might be interested in is the ISA T1000 Secondary Injection Test Set. Some of the features include:

  •        Microprocessor-based for accuracy and reliability
  •        Integrated frequency generator with phase angle shifter
  •        High power outputs
  •        Oscilloscope mode for voltage and current
  •        Compact and portable design
  •        Designed to test transducers and relays
  •        Internal memory for storing test results

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