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Test SACE Circuit Breakers with the ABB PRO 10/T Secondary Injection Test Kit

ABB PRO10/T Secondary Injection Test SetLow voltage molded case circuit breakers like the microprocessor-based SACE are often installed as protection devices for motors in industrial and commercial facilities. It is important to regularly check the condition of these devices because of the critical role that they have in protecting the electrical circuits that they are tasked with monitoring.

A faulty breaker that doesn’t trip in the event of an electrical failure can cause serious damage to the motor and the electrical system. Associated costs relate to the loss of production due to unscheduled down time, as well as the expense of replacing and equipment that was damaged as a result of the fault.

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To help you test for the condition of SACE circuit breakers, check out the ABB PRO10/T Secondary Injection Test Set. This instrument has the capability of programing protection modules, reading their operational parameters and performing tests to verify their operational characteristics. The ABB PRO10/T tests the solid state trip device (SST) by monitoring the secondary inputs and verifying the programmed response of the circuit breaker..

Product Features

  •        Automatic and manual testing modes
  •        Built-in ammeter for measuring current
  •        Configurable tripping parameters
  •        Signaling module automatic testing
  •        Zone selectivity function testing
  •        Can conduct a protection RC test
  •        Has a history function that lets you view the events of the trips and releases

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published July, 2012 and has been updated freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.