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Test Relays with the ISA T-1000 Relay Test Set

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A relay’s contacts can be damaged by kickback currents. Inductive current is generated when the current in inductive loads is suddenly interrupted. This generates a collapsing magnetic field that induces a potential and is kicked back to the source. This can cause arcing on relay contacts when it opens. Contacts can form carbon deposits or weld together after a while of operation. A relay test set helps in testing relays if they are still in good condition. 

The ISA T-1000 features 3 generators which are the main, auxiliary AC and auxiliary DC generators. All of the outputs can be monitored simultaneously through its large back-lit LCD screen. It can operate in automatic or semi-automatic mode. It also has a RS232 and USB port so you can connect it to a computer. This allows you to transfer results and control it with a computer. It has an overload alarm and thermal protection system for enhanced testing safety.

If you have a limited budget for electrical test equipment, you can rent instead of purchasing.Protec Equipment Resources offers several test equipment from ISA and  high voltage test equipment from other leading brands. Call us for more information on test equipment rentaloptions.