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Test Relays Accurately with the ISA T-1000 Relay Test Set

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Relays have a high risk of unexpected failures because of the constant switching of high currents. The constant switching puts severe electrical and mechanical stress on the contacts. After a while, it may fail and disrupt normal operations. Technicians must evaluate the reliability of the electrical system’s relays to avoid hassles.

 ISA T-1000 is a powerful tester that offers multi-relay type testing capabilities. It has its own 3 separate generators for phase shift-able AC voltage, AC current and DC voltage. You can adjust the outputs, and they are monitored real-time on its LCD screen. This lets you customize the generators depending on the test you are conducting. This relay test set has semi-automatic and manual testing modes to suit your preferences. The test results can be transferred to a computer through its USB or RS232 ports. This lets you further analyze the test results using its powerful TDMS software.

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