Test Protective Relays and Breakers with the ABB 504 Circuit Breaker Tester

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Circuit breaker defects easily develop because of the operating conditions a breaker is subjected to. High current, mechanical movement and inductive kickbacks are some of the factors that accelerate the deterioration of breakers. Technicians often conduct diagnostics tests to ensure that the mechanism is reliable and can protect the electrical system from faults.

The ABB 504 Secondary Injection Test Set is a reliable tool for assessing the reliability of industrial breakers. It injects a high current through the relay contacts to determine if the contacts are efficient in carrying power and the relay is still within the safe limits. Here are some of the protective devices this circuit breaker test set can assess:

  •        Power Shield Solid State Device
  •        K600S
  •        K800s
  •        K-2000S
  •        K-3000S
  •        K-4000
  •        K-DON 600S
  •        K800S
  •        1600S
  •        SS3 and SS-3G
  •        SS-13 and SS13G
  •        SS-4 and SS-4G
  •        SS-5 and SS15G

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