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Test Protective Relay Equipment with the Megger ODEN AT

Megger ODEN ATTest the turns ratio of current transformers and other applications that require high variable currents with the Megger ODEN AT Primary Current Injection Test SystemDesigned for primary injection testing of protective relay equipment and circuit breakers, it can also be used on numerous other applications:

Primary current injection testing and breaker testing

These tests require high currents and the ability to measure very short duration, current flow. Megger ODEN AT Primary Current Injection Test System has been designed especially to meet these needs. No extra contacts are needed to measure the operating time of a low-voltage breaker. Testing stops at the instant when the main breaker contacts open to interrupt the current. Output current initiation is synchronized with the currents zero-crossover point to ensure good repeatability and minimized DC offset.

Testing current transformers

For turns ratio testing, the primary current and either the secondary current or the turns ratio are displayed simultaneously. Since the turns ratio is displayed directly as the nominal value (1000/5 for example), no further calculation is needed. Burden of secondary circuits can be measured and presented in VA. „„

Polarity testing

The currents phase displacement is shown, and the polarities of the outputs are clearly marked.

Heat runs

Megger ODEN AT is ideal for performing heat runs. Current can be applied continuously or through programmable intervals. The times can be shown in minutes and hours which facilitates long term testing capability. „„

Automatic reclosers and sectionalizers

ODEN AT Primary Current Injection Test System can also be set to test circuit breakers with reclosing relays. Operating limits, partial times, total times and the number of operations before lockout can be measured. User-selectable reclosing sequences can be programmed for testing sectionalizers. „„

Testing integrity of ground grids and safety-ground devices

One way to test ground grids is by injecting current between a reference ground and the ground to be tested and measuring the voltage drop and the percentage of current flowing through the ground grid. The type X current unit included with ODEN AT is designed for this type of application. Personal safety grounds must be tested at rated current, a task for which ODEN AT is well suited.

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