Test Protective Devices with up to 6 Dry-Contacts with the CT-6500-6

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Aside from testing the condition of a circuit breaker’s contacts, the response time should also be taken into consideration. A circuit breaker should be quick enough to protect the electrical circuit. A slow response time can pose a risk in your electrical facility. 

The tool used in testing the response time of a circuit breaker is a circuit interrupter timer. This test instrument injects a trip signal into the protective device and a timer measures the time it takes for the contacts to travel from close to open position. When choosing a suitable tester, you should choose a test tool that has high accuracy and resolution. The CT 6500-6 from 
Vanguard testinstruments is one of the most reliable testers out on the market. This test instrument is almost the same with the CT-6500 in function but has 6 contact channels. It lets you test up to 6 dry-contacts simultaneously which saves you time. This circuit breaker timer makes it an ideal tester for multi-contact protective devices.

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