Test Low Power and High Power Relays with the Doble F6150

Doble F6150A switch is not often suitable for high power electrical systems. If the insulation of the switch fails, the operator may receive a lethal shock. This is where relays are needed. A relay switches current by using a lower and safer voltage. Relays are also used to activate protective devices in case of an electrical fault. Due to the high currents flowing on the contacts and constant mechanical movement, they are prone to breakdowns.This is the importance of regular relay testing. Preventive maintenance allows you to recondition parts that are just starting to breakdown. 

When testing three phase relay systems, a lot of technicians prefer the Doble F6150 Relay Testing System. Why? Because this tester offers fully configurable test options and has a high output current. This allows technicians to conduct tests on various types of relays rated at 0.5 Ampere up to 180 Amperes. The Doble F6150 Relay Testing System can also conduct automated tests using standard test templates. These templates ensure that the test methods used are consistent throughout the electrical system. This relay test set can be hooked up to a PC through LAN or USB for enhanced testing and easy configuration.

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